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ACCUMULATE A SOLUTION PRICE PRICE SHEETS: Production Price Sheet Non-Production Price Sheet (50% discount on production license) Price examples Choose the needed amount for Production: Production Servers – (incl. 100 users) Production Uses CAL…

Why Search & Preview

Introduction » Why Search & Preview

Ontolica Search & Preview provides rock-solid – 99% uptime – preview add-on for your SharePoint solutions ONTOLICA 1. Allows for wide optional document and files support 2. Provides flexible access to multiple…

Do you offer a consultant license?

FAQ » Do you offer a consultant license?

Unfortunately, we do not offer service consultant licenses. Consultency: Pricing Consultancy Prices *Any questions or issues – please use our Support & Service Center

Quick Links

Contact us » Quick Links

Introduction Video Guide Function & Features Licensing Model Pricing Software Maintenance Support, Service & Development FAQ Install & Upgrade Order, Purchase & Delivery Software Download Request for License Key…

How to request service

Support, Service & Development » Service » How to request service

Submit a service ticket with your issue in our Support and Service Center Just follow the instruction and fill out with complete information, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Pricing Service Price Sheet Use our Support & Service…

I have a great idea for development

Support, Service & Development » Development » I have a great idea for development

We would very much like to hear more … User driven development We believe the best software solve real problems and needs, so the most important development is customer and user requirement Please use our Support & Service Center and submit a ticket with…

Rental of Consultancy

Support, Service & Development » Service » Rental of Consultancy

HOW TO GET STARTED Submit a Service ticket with your issue and needs: Consulting assistance Engineer assistance Development assistance Solution Service Check etc. After joint acceptance of quote (period & price), we will send you a confirmation with…

Count of User’s (CAL)

Licensing Model » Count of User’s (CAL)

A user license (CAL) has to be acquired for named user(s). . Ontolica Search & Preview are counting named user’s in 3 months intervals A Client Access License (CAL) is considered a named user A Client Access License (CAL) has to be acquired for each named…

Renewal with Planning

Software Maintenance » Renewal with Planning

Avoid delays, frustration, panic or need of express delivery with extra cost Plan ahead: If your renewal process is a manual PO Process and the delivery of the License Key also are a manual process, it can be important to plan in good time If the renewal payment…

Assurance prices

Pricing » Assurance prices

Software Maintenance, Support & Service The yearly 12-months assurance fee is a percent calculated on the end-users registered inventory of software licenses, but never less than the minimum fee on the assurance. More on the main Software Assurance More on the…