Use the settings in this area to control which types of Best Bets to display on the current page. Make settings as follows:

• Search SharePoint Best Bets: Mark this check box to use Best Bets defined using the standard SharePoint mechanism. You are free to combine this with Ontolica Best Bets.

• Ontolica Best Bets search mode: This setting controls whether or not to display Best Bets defined using the Ontolica mechanism and, if so, the logic for selecting among the available Best-Bet groups (see also “Working with Best Bets Groups” for more information about Best-Bet groups). The following options are provided:

o Do not display…: No Ontolica Best Bets will be displayed (but SharePoint Best Bets might still be shown, depending on the setting you made for the check box, above)…

o Display all…: All of the Ontolica Best Bets configured for the current search tab will be shown, regardless of group membership.

o Display Best Bets from named groups: Only Ontolica Best Bets from those groups named in the Include/Exclude… setting will be available (see below).

o Display all Best Bets except…: All Ontolica Best Bets from groups not named in the Include/Exclude… setting will be available (see below).

• Include/Exclude these Best Bets groups: This setting is only available when Ontolica Best Bets mode is set to Display Best Bets from named groups or Display all Best Bets except…. Use it to list the groups to either include or exclude from the Ontolica Best Bets. Specify each group using its group-ID (not its display name) and separate groups using a semicolon (;).

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