..Professional management of SharePoint data and files is unthinkable without PowerShell. And for good reason, all the necessary access to the lower level functionality hidden by the UI is there!

PowerShell is great in many ways but the larger and more complex scripts become the more volatile they get. Also the practice of ‘scripting by Google’ with lack of quality, performance and documentation increases the operational and business risk.

With Ontolica Fusion you can significantly reduce the amount of complex and volatile PowerShell script. And you can perform tasks you never thought possible without a single line of code.

..For the easy admin tasks in the command prompt or to build non critical solutions for simple tasks (<50 lines of code) PowerShell is still the right choice!

Immediate advantages of Ontolica Fusion
  • Reduce your PowerShell needs to near 0 for all file and data related tasks.
  • Leverage high performance and tested functionality with job audit and real time monitoring.
  • Run jobs in Test-Mode to analyze target action before committing them.
  • Build solutions to business problems in a unified and standardized way with automatic documantion. You and other people can later extend and enhance without the risk of breaking something else.
  • Take on tasks with SharePoint you would normally reject due to complexity and time.

In short: Ontolica Fusion offers to replace the long PowerShell scripts with codeless Reusable Job Components that you can safely Test-Run.

Deploy the codeless Job Components to run scheduled and unattended on the built-in Job Server or run them manually step-by-step with interactive data selection and action preview.

What are the implications of large PowerShell scripts?

The most important challenge/threat to business continuity is posed by the ever changing and growing specifications for the task at hand.

Scripts grow in size and complexity over time as the “simple” task you initially set out to do evolves into something business critical with more and more functionality is needed.

The script gets difficult to read and understand and often impossible to extend without breaking something else. This is especially the case when multiple people with varying PowerShell skill sets and coding habits make modifications.

All together the script often ends up inconsistent and error prone with re-write as the only solution for implementing new functionality or just to make it stable.

Using Fusion everything is built with optimized and well documented reusable components. (a bit like Lego bricks for real world construction)

It is predictable, Safe and Fast!
You simply configure and combine different components to do your task. It’s all done within a consistent and easy to use GUI where no coding is needed and where you can focus on solving the business problem rather that thinking about coding implementation etc.
Out of the box the Components gives you most of the common functionality needed for file and data related tasks but when you have special needs you can do SQL, computed expressions and in rare cases call small pieces of PowerShell as well.

All developers who have opened a PowerShell script of 1000+ lines for the first time knows what this is all about. Using Ontolica Fusion you don’t have the same “fear” for changing something that will result in existing crucially important functionality being broken.

At the end of the day you have a solution that is consistent, high performance and stable.
And at the same time it is automatically documented and easy to maintain even by new people not involved in the original design.


Part of looking after systems in production is the task of analyzing log files and checking that “all went ok”. Typically logging in PowerShell is done to flat and less organized text files somewhere on the disk. These are often difficult and time consuming to read and understand.
With Fusion the logging is automatic, comprehensive and well structured and you can search and filter to easily deep dive into your solutions audit trail.
Also when jobs running unattended in the built-in Batch Server needs attention – the entire Job Log in context can be automatically sent sent by email to multiple people to take appropriate action.


PowerShell script documentation is typically nonexistent or limited to a few comments within the code made by different people. With Fusion, you describe with few words what task is done in each step like “Sync invoice pdfs from Library a to b” and Fusion will automatically generate standardized solution documentation including dependencies and cross reference links and deploy On-Line or as PDF.

In more detail – what can Ontolica Fusion do

Ontolica Fusion can automate a long list of data and file related tasks within SharePoint.
Not to mention a wealth of features for bringing data and files back and forth between SharePoint and just about any data source imaginable including FileShares, FTP, SQL Server, CSV, ODBC, Excel tables, Web services etc.
Take a closer look here for the overall description
And here for the more technical details

..This is what Ontolica Fusion cannot do…

This article is inspired by Martin Svendsens post on Linked-In here..


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