All New Enhancements and Fixed Issues

Module Type Version 6.25 – February 2018
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint: The job log reports now separate the Document Library URL from the folder path with | (Pipe). This enables the reports to be used directly as input to dynamic FileTransport components.
example: Http://|Folder1/Folder2/myfile.docx
DataTransport Enhancement [ContentType] (The label) is now automatically mapped to ContentTypeId. This enables the Source ContentType’s Label to be used to find the Target ContentTypeId. Especially useful when transferring Items across SharePoint platforms or Site Collections where the ContentTypes has different GUID’s
DataTransport Fixed Database query: When using a column name that contains “Number” (with capital N) and has datatype CHAR crashed the program.
FileTransport Fixed SharePoint: “Threshold Limit error” could sometimes happen when using indexed columns in “Server Query”
PowerShell Fixed When using Try Catch Finally sections the The Collection Component detected exceptions that were already correctly handled and reported an error.
Module Type Version 6.23 – February 2018
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint: Greatly extended error reporting of individual Item Create/Update operations. The job log now has an entry for each problematic set of Item data that SharePoint rejects.This gives you a significant better chance to understand what is wrong with your source data and why SharePoint rejects it.
DataTransport Fixed SharePoint:Copying multiple List Item Attachments to another List could trigger an unwanted timeout when the Target SharePoint Site was a bit slow.
DataTransport Fixed SharePoint: Updating 380.000 List Items in a List of 440.000 Items all in one job could in some cases crash the program.
SharePoint Fixed Connection: The user name column did not auto scroll so long login names could not be specified.
SharePoint Fixed Sometimes crash when manually sending test-mail via a firewall blocked SMTP server.
Module Type Version 6.20 GA – January 2018
DataTransport New SharePoint: Convert List Items with attachments into Document Library Items.
  • Attachment becomes the file in the Document Library Item.
  • Multiple attachments in same List item becomes multiple Items in the Document Library.
  • All List Item columns can be used directly as metadata and/or used in calculated metadata.
  • Multiple identical filenames can be handled by dynamically using item column data to define target folder or to concatenate with attachment filename.
  • Individual attachment properties (Created/CreatedBy/Modified/ModifiedBy) are automatically retrieved and applied to Document Library Item as well as used in all incremental load actions.
  • All the Dynamic URL stuff is fully supported, making it possible to distribute the Item Attachments across different folders in same Document Library, different Libraries on same or different Sites/Site Collections.
  • You do it using a simple construct of a DataTransport Component where you have the List as source and in the For-Each-Row Target call a FileTransport Component.
Job Server Enhancement Capacity extended from 2 to 30 concurrent jobs. Please note that any existing Fusion Job Server Service must be deleted and recreated.
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint: Automatic multitasking “scale-down” when firewall or virus scanning software prevents high-frequency TCP/IP requests. This feature helps to recover from TCP/IP errors like: “An unexpected error occurred”
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint: New Validate-Default-User button in SharePoint Target”
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint: When an item fails to update or to be created, the Item specific error message as returned from SharePoint is now inserted in the top of the job log message.
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint: New error threshold configuration parameter SPCRUDMaxErrors added (default 100). The job will continue until the error threshold is exceeded.
SharePoint Enhancement Simplified querying for blank values. (Just select Blank/No value)
SharePoint Fixed On MOSS 2007 an error in the users on a given site made Data & File Transport fail. This is now reported as a warning and the job will continue.
SharePoint Fixed Lookup Columns: Empty string values were reported as invalid data.
Module Type Version 6.12 January 2018
FileTransport Fixed Crash in second preview dialog box when there were no files to transfer.
Module Type Version 6.11 January 2018
FileTransport Enhancement 20% performance enhancement when copying <10 files to a document library having>1000 files.
Module Type Version 6.10 January 2018
DataTransport Fixed SharePoint Document Library as Target: The column [File Attachment] incorrectly showed up for Document Libraries. This was confusing and when used caused th the Component operation to fail.
FileTransport Fixed In some cases Test-Run did not work.
Module Type Version 6.09 January 2018
DataTransport Enhancement New Error-Context report and raw XML data report added to Job Log when a user defined validation error occurs. This makes it much easier to find the bad data that triggers the validation error.
DataTransport Fixed When copying SharePoint URL columns, the URL and the associated label is now formatted so SharePoint will accept value in the target columns without modification.
SharePoint Fixed User validation could in some cases fail using Claims syntax.
Module Type Version 6.08 December 2017
JobServer Enhancement SharePoint: Multiple simultaneous jobs can now use the SharePoint Context Cache. This gives significant performance increase (50%) for jobs running concurrently accessing the same site for small 3-10 seconds operations
Job Log Enhancement New refresh button now appears on the “AutoScroll” row when monitoring one or more concurrent running jobs.
Job Log Fixed Naming a session gave validation error when name was longer 20 characters.
JobServer Fixed Having multiple jobs starting simultaneously accessing SharePoint 2013 could could throw a sharing violation exception.
Module Type Version 6.07 December 2017
FileTransport Enhancement Local filtering: You can use Parameters in the criteria and dynamically ignore the filter by setting the Parameter to the keyword skip!
SharePoint Enhancement List Item Query: 35% faster when querying large lists (>5000 items) for few results (<5000) using indexed columns.
Job Server Fixed Danish -> English translation for existing repositories in the Job-Queues is in some cases not active.
ServiceRequest Fixed Unable to generate support e-mail with environment information.
Module Type Version 6.06 December 2017
DataTransport Fixed SharePoint 2007 – Dynamic URL: When testing queries the result set preview columns did not show their names.
Module Type Version 6.05 December 2017
UserMapping Enhancement New button in the User mapping List to export to Excel and Notepad. Useful when running test-jobs to report missing users on the target SharePoint Site.
Help Fixed Java script error when opening “What’s new”
DataTransport Fixed Excel target: Random “Error reading odsdata.txt” when running multiple Data Transports in 1 Collection component.
Module Type Version 6.00 December 2017
DataTransport New SharePoint Source & Target: Dynamic URL support. This enables a wide range of use-cases as it can be remotely controlled and URL parameterized from a for-each-row loop in another DataTransport Component. So you can dynamically reference multiple Lists/Libraries across Sites and Site Collections even on different SharePoint versions.
  • Create/Update/Delete Items in one SharePoint List/Library based on Items in another List.
  • Consolidation of data collected from multiple Lists into a single List, CSV, Database table or Excel sheet.
  • Distribute data to multiple lists from almost any external data source (CSV, SQL, Excel, ODBC). target List URL can be data-driven based input data source.
  • Consolidated reporting based on List Items collected from multiple Lists/Libraries
Use-cases are many ranging from migration with structural redesign to remote controlled multi list reporting and 2-way data integration.
DataTransport Enhancement The special list VirtualSubSites now also returns Lists and Libraries including ItemCount and LastDeletedDate, LastUpdatedDate
DataTransport Enhancement Greatly optimized For-Each-Row Target. Both in terms of looping performance and SharePoint operations like Context caching and user validation across session.
FileTransport Enhancement 2 new Target Actions to enable you to replace all files that has not been modified:
  • “Add new, overwrite if identical”
  • ”No new, overwrite if identical”
FileTransport Enhancement New validate default user button. The default user name is assigned any user column when the assigned user name does not validate.
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint: Full support for “Copy version history with Minor versions
Job Log Enhancement New look and feel. Enhanced support for multi Component sessions with hierarchical layout and new buttons for “Expand” & “Collapse”
Job Log Enhancement x10 faster load time. Simplified UI with support for Expand/Collapse sections called in a for-each-row loop. (like a treeview)
Job Log Enhancement New tab for warnings (updated in real time).
Job Log Enhancement New tab for generating reports for files processed.
Job Log Enhancement Ability to name individual sessions. Useful when running intervals of large migrations to keep track of what a given session is doing.
Job Log Enhancement Send e-mail when job is completed or at time interval for progress tracking.
Components Enhancement “Show references” button. Convenient when you want to open one or more calling Components.
General Enhancement PnP framework updated to v2.19 (October release). Local Firebird database updated to v2.57
Job Server Enhancement Tracking of “long running jobs”. When a job has not been responding for 3 hours it is automatically terminated.
General Enhancement English translation is now compiled into the program. This gives faster and more responsive UI and fixes many small Danish -> English translation issues.
SharePoint Changed Connection: ‘Include all Litsts’ changed to ‘Include hidden Lists’.
SharePoint Fixed On Office 365 the “5000 Items threshold limit encapsulation” failed on Records Libraries with folders.

———- November ———-

Module Type Version 5.85
FileTransport Enhancement Dynamic SharePoint source/target site functionality optimized for large number of iterations to enable dynamic distribution of files across thousands of SharePoint sites.
Job Log Enhancement Accumulated file volume processed in a given session is now displayed. This is particularly useful when calling the FileTransport Component multiple times with dynamic url.
SharePoint Fixed When creating Connections it sometimes failed to connect even though all settings were correct.
SharePoint Fixed MOSS 2007 interface failed when called 7700 times in a for-each-row loop for dynamic URL processing
FileTransport Fixed Dynamic URL: Folder creation failed when multiple iteration hav less that 24 folders to create (threshold for switch to multitasking folder creation)
DataTransport Fixed In rare cases user defined assignment expressions could not be modified.
Module Type Version 5.84
FileTransport Fixed SharePoint metadata: Having the letter ÿ in metadata could cause incorrect metadata mapping.
FileTransport Fixed SharePoint 2007: When actions on SP 2007 were referenced in a for-each-row the cancel and Job Log buttons did not react immediately when clicked, while processing SP 2007 requests.
Module Type Version 5.83
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint Delete operations: Performance optimized fase 1 (before the delete actually happens) in some cases up to x20. This is significant when deleting >10000 items.
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint Delete operations: The Title column is now included in action preview and reports.
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint Dynamic Source URL/UNC: Automatic append of wildcard if not specified.
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint Source: 30% better performance on retrieval of source file information.
Module Type Version 5.82
General Enhancement Support for WorkPoint 365/On-Premises – SharePoint document sharing and collaboration platform.
(General architecture and on-prem datatypes)
General Enhancement Faster start of Ontolica Fusion when having many SharePoint Connections.
FileTransport Enhancement Dynamic URL’s : Support for varying columns og dynamically referenced sites. So the target sites does not need to have the same columns as the template site.
FileTransport Enhancement Dynamic URL’s : UI for setting up dynamically referenced sites has been simplified.
DataTransport Enhancement For-Each-Row loop processing is now significantly faster.
DataTransport Enhancement For-Each-Row now have a new preview option to run the for-each without calling the referenced Component. This is useful when designing and testing individual parameterized sub components.
DataTransport Enhancement Job Log Item-Create/Update format revised for easier reading.
DataTransport Enhancement SQL target: x20 faster job logging of executed SQL Statements. This is significant when you execute >10.000 statements in one job.
DataTransport Fixed ItemsToCreate.txt Job Log report was in some cases badly formated and could not open in Excel or the Fusion SQL driver for CSV files.
DataTransport Fixed List Item Attachments were incorrectly reported as non existent.
DataTransport Fixed BLOG Site: Unable to copy multiple Items having long text (> 100k per item)
SharePoint Fixed BLOG Site: Lists were not included in standard connection query and did not show up unless Include-All-Lists were selected.
FileTransport Fixed BLOG Site: Unable to copy files from/to the default BLOG Document Library (Photos).
FileTransport Fixed Dynamic URL’s : Unable to interpret %20 in dynamic URL’s.
FileTransport Fixed Reporting did not append multiple sessions of FileTransport invoked from a DataTransport For-Each-Row Loop
Module Type Version 5.80
Mapping list Enhancement Import data source: Create and configure an Import Component to import values (eg. user mappings, product names etc.) from SharePoint, Database or CSV file.
Mapping list Enhancement Import clipboard: Paste values (eg. user mappings, product names etc.) to a Mapping list from the Windows Clipboard. Just select an area in Excel then Copy and Paste. This makes it easy to quickly setup mappings for users, product names etc.
Import Enhancement UI facelift to make it more “like” DataTransport. The Import Component imports data into optimized table structures in the local Repository. It is powerful for data staging and Master Data Management. Also it is extremely useful for populating and updating local Mapping lists for user names, products etc. You can import from SharePoint Lists, Databases and CSV.
Module Type Version 5.78
File & DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint Target: New “User mapping list” option. Define that one user name should be replaced by another. When a user do not validate on the SharePoint Target and the user is not listed in the mapping list and no Alternate user is specified then the user name is automatically added to this list. When you run the job interactively or in test mode you are prompted to edit the mapping list.
File & DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint Target: New “User not found” option. Define an alternate user name to use whenever a user name do not validate on the SharePoint Target. If specified with a mapping list also, then no entry is automatically added to the mapping list.
File & DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint Target: New report “MappedUsers.txt”. Documents how Source user names have been mapped to other names on the Target.
File & DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint Source: New “user name column format” option. Specify how user names are returned from SharePoint. Options are:
Name ID;#Name Login name Domain\Login name E-mail
This is particularly useful to choose the best format when validating the user name against your Target ActiveDirectory/SharePoint.
DataTransport Enhancement New Mode option:“Make reports, skip user validation” this is useful when doing reporting and you do not want to validate if users actually exists on the SharePoint Target.
DataTransport Fixed Source data with columns > 32k failed: ‘Error reading GETDATA
DataTransport Fixed Dynamic Managed Metadata tagging using GUID alone failed.
Module Type Version 5.77
DataTransport Enhancement Managed Metadata tag now works with GUID alone.
DataTransport Fixed For-Each-Row/Collection: Opening the job log from the progress window opened the log for the executing component – not for the container job.
DataTransport Fixed SharePoint Refresh Connection created an incomplete joblog and displayed a progress bar during execution.
Module Type Version 5.76
FileTransport Enhancement Copy Version History: Added support for Minor Versions.
FileTransport Enhancement New property to enable reporting without user validation. This is especially useful when making inventory reports on Document Library Version History.
DataTransport Enhancement New property (SharePoint Target): Refresh Connection before target processing.
DataTransport Enhancement For-Each-Row: New button to explicitly update and show the dynamically referenced Parameters. This was previously only done when saving the Component.
FileTransport Fixed Dynamic SharePoint Source URL: If there were no source files only 1 empty folder in the source then user-validation on the target would fail.
FileTransport Fixed Dynamic SharePoint Target Site: If option ‘Nonexistent Skip’ was selected then the column ‘Redirect URL’ was locked.
FileTransport Fixed Message about ‘ModifiedBy and CreatedBy would be updated at job completion’ when using SP 365 & 2013/16 targets should not be there. This message is only valid on SP 2010 targets.
FileTransport Fixed Dynamic Source & Target URL: if the URL specified was badly formatted or did not point to a valid Site/Library then the error message generated was impossible to understand.
DataTransport Fixed The Property ‘zero source rows’ were set to an invalid value ‘1’ when switching target to ‘Text file’ after initial save.
DataTransport Fixed Previews did not autosize the column width.
SharePoint Fixed SP 2007 connection: Space in the site name could in some cases trigger a ‘400 Bad Request’ error.
Module Type Version 5.75
FileTransport Enhancement New property: Refresh Connection before target processing. This is useful when users are adding new Managed Metadata Tags and you have batch jobs that utilizes the automatic Managed Metadata tagging functionality.
FileTransport Enhancement Test Mode: The completed_files.txt Job Log report now has version history information. Note that all reports in the Job Log can work as input to a DataTransport. This lets you you transfer the raw data or pre-aggregated data to any target (SQL, Access, Excel, SharePoint List, etc..) for analysis and reporting or for post processing.
File & DataTransport Enhancement “Test-mode”: New Option to configure the component to always run in test-mode. This is useful when you want to do reporting and use the Job Log report files as input. to other components.
DataTransport Enhancement “0 Source Rows” : New Option to to handle that situation. Actions are: Continue, Signal a Warning, Signal an error
Module Type Version 5.74
FileTransport Enhancement Performance increase 50% when copying SharePoint Version History.
FileTransport Enhancement The report completed_files.txt now includes version history information.
Job Log Enhancement New scrolling and filter buttons.
Parameters Enhancement New Parameter [<JobLogReportPath>] That points to the temp folder specific for a job where all Job Log Reports are temporarily stored. This is useful when you want to do some processing based on the results from the last session.
Job Log Fixed Filtering a running job could cause the joblog to terminate when all rows were filtered out.
FileTransport Fixed Sometimes transfer threads restarted for no reason making the job slower.
Module Type Version 5.73
FileTransport Enhancement Dynamic Source & Target redirection URL/UNC fields are now resizable.
DataTransport Enhancement For-Each-Row: New “Call Tree View” tab page that shows the called components and all of its subcomponents. Great for exploring how components are referenced.
DataTransport Enhancement Site existence check optimized. User defined logic for component action after Site creation revised and fine tuned to facilitate pre-scripting in PowerShell (Property bags etc.) before applying PnP Provisioning Template.
FileTransport Fixed MOSS 2007: Copy Version History did not work stable (depending on Server Patch Level).
FileTransport Fixed Preview 1 & 2 were sometimes displayed in Danish.
Module Type Version 5.71
Repository Enhancement Job Server: You can now switch between Repositories while having a Job Server Windows Service running simultaneously. You can even run jobs on the local Job Server linked to another repository concurrently.
License Enhancement More streamlined procedure for installing license key and you no longer need to restart the program.
Excel Fixed When opening a Job Log report in Excel the the Worksheet did sometimes not show up.
Module Type Version 5.70
DataTransport Enhancement New system Parameter “DataTransportCount” reflects the number of rows/Items that have been processed. This is particularly useful when you want to do some actions only when something exists or has been created like running PowerShell or applying a PnP Provisioning Template to a new SharePoint site just created using another DataTransport component.
FileTransport Enhancement SharePoint User Columns: New syntax for dynamically substituting a user name that does not exist on the target SharePoint environment with another. You can hardcode the user name like this:
or you can use it dynamically in expressions like this:
[Created] + ';[mydomain\newuser]'
Notice the the square brackets denotes a dynamic substitution.
FileTransport Enhancement Job Log entries for files uploaded with version history now has detailed information on the version history applied for the file in context.
Database Enhancement When you save a Database Connections then a local 32 bit ODBC Data Source is created with the same name and connection parameters as used by Fusion. This makes it much easier to create reports with tools like Appeon InfoMaker 2017
Excel Enhancement New non-visual Table option that do not show any Table formatting and inherits the formatting in the sheet.
Excel Enhancement Visual and Non-visual Tables can now be configured to suppress columns headings and Tables can be configured to show the special row Totals.
Excel Enhancement When creating a Table the area the table will occupy is now cleared in advance. This makes it easier an less error prone to update existing workbooks where someone accidently have added data within the table area.
Excel Enhancement 2 new advanced configuration settings: ExcelCache, ExcelVisible.
DataTransport Fixed Inconsistent reports in the Job Log and sometimes crash when rows were deselected in both preview 1 & 2.
DataTransport Fixed PnP Provisioning Framework: ‘Create Missing Sites’ crashed when working with 1 site at a time.
SharePoint Fixed MOSS 2007: New connections did not show List and Column names.
Module Type Version 5.69
Excel Enhancement Encapsulation of user defined Excel logic that prevents Excel from closing workbooks properly leading to memory leaks and unstable Excel session.
DataTransport Enhancement For-Each-Row now show details in progressbar when running in interactive mode.
DataTransport Enhancement Appeon InfoMaker 2017 : Added support for pointing directly to InfoMaker Report Library Files.
SharePoint Fixed 2007,2010: Retrieving ‘Check-In comment’ did not strip out system information from the data.
SharePoint Fixed “Copy Version History” did not handle multiple versions with identical Created or Modified timestamps.
Module Type Version 5.67
SharePoint Enhancement Support for “copy version history” on MOSS 2007.
Parameters Enhancement Documentation columns and filter options added. Makes it much easier to navigate when you have like 500-1000 parameters.
Components Enhancement Properties window is no longer modal and you can have properties open for multiple components simultaneously. Also the layout has been optimized for easier documentation writing and viewing.
SharePoint Fixed MOSS 2007: ‘Test Connection’ did not work for uninitialized or new connections.
SharePoint Fixed Managed MetaData tagging was unable to identify Term Labels with the character & (ampersand).
SharePoint Fixed Job Log: ‘DeletedItems.txt’ report was empty. This report is used for tracking item ID’s that are deleted.
Parameters Fixed The component result and message parameters did not reset between sessions when NOT running in batch.
DataTransport Fixed PnP Site Provisioning: The option ‘Create missing’ did not detect existing sites if Site URL ended with / (forward slash)
Module Type Version 5.66
O365 Fixed User validation did not report when invalid information was returned from SharePoint. Multiple retry with different strategies also implemented.
Expressions Fixed Random crash when writing/editing long expressions.
Expressions Fixed When typing the letter ‘i’ the expression editor scrolled to the right. Font changed to “Fixed System” for easier reading.
FileTransport Fixed SharePoint: when working with files having uncommon extensions the copy process could fail. Example a file named Local.strings would not be copied
Module Type Version 5.64
SharePoint Fixed When using SQL SELECT as source and having table-alias
SELECT i.mycol FROM mytable i in the columns specification then the value sent to SharePoint was invalid.
SharePoint Fixed Exceptions thrown by SharePoint regarding invalid Managed Metadata tags were treated as “Unknown” and was not reported to the job log.
System Fixed Microsoft c++ v10 Runtime files were not included in installer. Required by the new Win10/Server 2016 Runtime engine.
Module Type Version 5.62
System New Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 certified runtime engine.
DataTransport New InfoMaker: Support for Appeon InfoMaker 2017
DataTransport Enhancement InfoMaker: PDF generation. Ghostscript printer driver eliminated. Everything is now built in.
DataTransport Enhancement InfoMaker: Library distribution. Windows user no longer needed to have write permissions for programfolder. InfoMaker Report PBL is now loaded from the temp folder.
DataTransport Enhancement InfoMaker: New output types TXT, CSV, Excel.
DataTransport Enhancement InfoMaker: Job Log information revised and output file is now embedded.
DataTransport Enhancement InfoMaker: Support for External databases so now you can retrieve reports from any database and even use as input to any target in another component by using the new XLSX, TXT,CSV output types.
Job Server Fixed Windows Service Configuration: Unable to select “Manual Start-Up” .
DataTransport Fixed SharePoint Lookup: Key values containing ; (semicolon) did not work. Note that multiple Lookup Key values for Lookup columns that accept multiple values must be separated by example: ‘Value1;¤Value2’
FileTransport Fixed An invalid configuration combination was in rare cases possible causing the component to crash at runtime
Module Type Version 5.61
CtrlSync New Now CtrlSync has its own installation program (OntolicaCtrlSync.exe) and separate licensing structure.
Database Fixed The new MS Access interface did not check correctly for the existence of the MS Access Database Engine 2007-2016 leading to confusion when unable to connect to .accdb database files.
Module Type Version 5.60
DataTransport Enhancement Built-in support for MS Access 2003-2016. No need anymore for creating external ODBC data source.
DataTransport Enhancement UI extended to help define keys for CRUD actions where source result set is joined with target to select rows/Items to process.
DataTransport Enhancement For-Each-Row Target: Excel session caching added (performance increase when generating for example 10000 individual Excel files.)
MDM Enhancement When merging 2 Contacts a Logbook instance is now generated with detail information about deleted rows.
DataTransport Enhancement Text file source no longer need header line. You can specify that the file has no header, the default column names are generated. Example. Field001, Field002, …
DataTransport Enhancement Excel source can now reference a range of cells within a sheet or a named area. Example: “MyNamedBlock” or “My Sheet!C9:F200”
DataTransport Enhancement Database target: When switching to SQL you are now prompted to generate default SQL script.
DataTransport Fixed Database target crashed when generating SQL template script form ‘Parameter source’
DataTransport Fixed Excel process did not terminate automatically and was sometime left running after job completion.
DataTransport Fixed Excel memory leak identified and workaround implemented.
DataTransport Fixed SQL Target: When input result set had 0 rows the job signaled an error.
DataTransport Fixed SQL Target: Joblog did not show statement statistics in a nice readable format.
System Tray Fixed Crash when accessing the Control Panel quickly after starting the program on a slow computer.
FileTransport Fixed Rare Crash on outdated displaydriver during resize when opening an instance of FileTransport.
DataTransport Fixed When using CSV/TXT driver the selected column list was reverted to all columns selected when opening a saved component. However it still worked using only the “internally” selected columns.
Module Type Version 5.56
DataTransport Fixed Default values larger than 100 characters would make Refresh-Connection fail.
DataTransport Fixed Delete operations on “Records Library” did not work.
DataTransport Fixed Job termination error happened when trying to assign a non-existent user to a user column. Should just issue a warning.
FileTransport Fixed Action: “Update Metadata Only” did not work in some cases.
FileTransport Fixed Badly formatted error message when Office file property extraction failed because of corrupted Office installation.
FileTransport Fixed “Reset Synchronization” menu was unavailable when “Synchronize One Way” was selected.
Module Type Version 5.55
DataTransport Enhancement Now works with no source data set. Perform operation entirely using parameters and constants and can now be called directly from a For-Each-Row loop
SQL Enhancement New “Refresh button” to update the internal database with table navnes and column names. Useful when you paste table name or column names while constructing SQL statements and tables have been modified since the database connection was created..
Repository Fixed ‘Empty’ repository did not install smoothly – asked questions not relevant.
Module Type Version 5.54
SharePoint Fixed ‘People/Group’ column could not be updated with an AD Group.
SharePoint Fixed Lookup: Updating a Lookup column in a Document Library did not take advantage of the Lookup-ID resolve feature.
SQLServer Fixed Backup: In some cases the Repository Backup would fail because of an invalid Date Constraint.
Module Type Version 5.53
DataTransport Enhancement InvalidData.txt report can now be opened directly from the second data preview without having to open the job log.
FileTransport Enhancement SkippedFiles.txt & InvalidData.txt reports can now be opened directly from the second file preview without having to open the job log.
FileTransport Enhancement Version History Copy now works significantly faster when many minor versions exist for the source file.
DataTransport Fixed In some cases, values assigned to a Lookup columns did not resolve correctly when list had ContentType management enabled.
Office 365 Fixed Ontolica Fusion’s encapsulation of “List View Threshold Limit” could in rare cases fail when retrieving more that 5000 list items of a specific Content Type.
Module Type Version 5.52
Database Enhancement ODBC interface now handles drivers like FileMakerPro 15 that are not fully compatible with the ODBC metadata function calls.
Module Type Version 5.50
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint target: Value pairs related to LookUp columns are now added to the Job Log. This makes it much easier to track when a value does not resolve correctly.
SharePoint Enhancement MOSS 2007 CAML does not support the IN clause. Fusion now encapsulates the IN query criteria and generates an OR construct instead.
SharePoint Fixed Lookup columns with a physical name prefixed with _ (underscore) did not resolve. No lookup value was found and no warning reported
SharePoint Fixed Cancel “For-Each-Row” did not work when called component did List Query on SP 2007.
Module Type Version 5.48
SharePoint Fixed Pre-validation (ensure) of security groups failed when updating/creating Items on SP 2013.
Module Type Version 5.47
SharePoint Enhancement CAML filters can now use SQL Query result set (single column) as parameter for an IN criteria. This gives you extensive flexibility in selecting individual Files or Items to process in the FileTransport or DataTransport components based on databases or TXT/CSV files.
Database Fixed In the “simple” Query designer, criterias with NULL as search value were not translated into the correct SQL syntax.
Parameters Fixed The in-line help did not display nicely. Tooltip added and help text changed into Hyperlink to the online documentation
FTP Fixed Uploading files into a non existing folder, 2 or more levels deep did not create all folders levels correctly and failed.
Batch Job Fixed The HTTPGet condition for job start only allowed for 30 characters . Now extended to 150 characters.
Module Type Version 5.46
DataTransport Enhancement SharePoint Delete Operations now show performance statistics.
Install Enhancement Automatic shutdown and restart of Job Server Services and CtrlSync multitasking processes when upgrade is initiated from within Ontolica Fusion (Check-For-Updates)
CtrlSync Enhancement The Free-Edition has been extended to allow 3 CtrlSync Users or Subscriptions with no limits in functionality or volume.
Module Type Version 5.44
SharePoint Enhancement Copy version history” Now has criteria for oldest date and of how many versions to include.
SharePoint Enhancement Extended Retry mechanism for handling unstable network connections.
SharePoint Enhancement PnP provisioning Engine updated to v 2.15 (May release)
CtrlSync Enhancement Documentation updated: Group based subscriptions
SharePoint Fixed On SP 2013: When uploading documents sometimes the ‘Created’ column was not updated.
CtrlSync Fixed When running Sync manually the rescheduling of next automatic Sync did not run, so job would sometimes run again immediately after manual sync.
Module Type Version 5.42
CtrlSync New Full support for SharePoint on-premises 2010
CtrlSync Fixed Warning may be issued when uploading files to SharePoint via group based subscription.
Module Type Version 5.41
FileTransport New Copy version history from one SP Library to another within same or different site, or to a different folder within the same Library. (minor versions are not copied)
CtrlSync New Subscriptions can now be grouped. Each user can subscribe to multiple groups of subscriptions. Each Subscription can belong to multiple groups.
CtrlSync New Video: Presentation with Demo
CtrlSync New Video: Installing CtrlSync on SharePoint
DataTransport Enhancement Update SharePoint List:The update-key values are added to reports and to job log entries making tracking and analysis easier.
SharePoint Enhancement Query Tab: Large result sets (> 10.000 Items) from SharePoint now displays much faster after SharePoint have returned the Items. When 250.000 items are returned the increase in speed is up to 7 minutes.
CtrlSync Enhancement Support for HTTPGet for “Offline Check” in CtrlSync job start.
CtrlSync Enhancement Dashboard now shows “Offline” when start Sync Job condition evaluates to false.
CtrlSync Enhancement Step-by-step Installation procedure how has video guide.
CtrlSync Enhancement Enhanced connection recovery for unstable Internet & SharePoint connections.
Job Server Enhancement New column in the job list showing e-mail notification settings for the job.
Job Server Enhancement E-Mail result now has the job log attached in multiple file formats (CSV,TXT)
Job Server Enhancement SMTP E-Mail: Better reporting from TCP/IP transport layer when failing to send. Useful when tracking internal Firewall rules like blocking of port 587.
DataTransport Enhancement New advanced configuration property SPCRUDThreads to control multitasking in DataTransport when performing Create/Update/Delete operations on SharePoint List.
Job Server Fixed Job E-Mail notification did sometimes not work.
CtrlSync Fixed Installing a Custom Installation Package crashed when selected before login.
DataTransport Fixed Create/Update/Delete on SharePoint List failed if list title was changed without doing Refresh-connection in Fusion.
DataTransport Fixed Multiple concurrent jobs may block for each other while performing Update/Create item on SharePoint Lists
SQL Fixed Right click in SQL Result may crash.
Parameters Fixed Edit/Delete System Parameters prohibited.
SharePoint Fixed Exclude criteria in FileTransport did not work. (Bug introduced i v5.01)
Sharepoint Fixed Query (CAML) did not work for Choice columns having new or modified choices since last Connection-refresh.
Module Type Version 5.34
FileTransport New SharePoint: “Copy Version History” is now supported.
CtrlSync Enhancement Local source folders are now automatically created. This enables for automatic rollout to users of indirect-2-way sync setups.
CtrlSync Enhancement Subscription defined as “Sync Source to Target (1-way)” is now flagging target files on local drives and FileShares as ReadOnly.
Job Server New SMTP.DK is now included as free E-Mail service within Ontolica Fusion.
Job Server New Job Result can now be e-mailed using own SMTP server.
DataTransport Fixed Automatic numeric data type detection for calculations in some cases did not work.
DataTransport Fixed Excel did not get the data set transferred in Unicode from SP 2007
SharePoint Fixed When using SP 2007 the custom sorting did not work.
MDM Fixed Override Parameters were not listed in DDLB for parameter assignment in Column Properties.
Module Type Version 5.29
SharePoint Enhancement Support for list type Survey.
General Fixed SQL template genartion (Create,Update, Delete statement block) failed when the source was “Files and Folder”
General Fixed On some computers accessing roaming folder locations crashed the program.
Module Type Version 5.28
DataTransport Enhancement Enhanced job logging for Excel automation.
SharePoint Fixed MOSS 2007 column names were not generated correctly when automating Excel.
Module Type Version 5.26
DataTransport New Ability to apply PnP Provisioning Template to sites created on the fly.
DataTransport Enhancement Options for Subsites List have been simplified.
DataTransport Fixed For-Each-Row : Crash when setting a parameter assignment to <Not assigning any value> when a calculation was defined.
Module Type Version 5.25
FileTransport Enhancement New property enables you to flag files copied/synced to FileShares or local drives as ReadOnly.
DataTransport Enhancement Conditions for text columns used as keys for updating SharePoint Items are now case in-sensitive.
DataTransport Fixed Creating new SharePoint site using a relative URL could cause a crash.
FileTransport Fixed Error handling was inconsistent for fatal SharePoint API errors. In rare cases a crash could happen.
Module Type Version 5.24
DataTransport Enhancement Performance increase (110%) when Updating SharePoint Items using custom keys.
General Enhancement Expression evaluation performance increase (150%). This is a global enhancement for all dynamic expressions.
General Changed When a new version is installed all help pop-up’s are re-enabled.
SharePoint Fixed Single Signon sometimes incorrectly prompted for password.
DataTransport Fixed Crash when using numeric keys to update SharePoint Items having > 10.000 source rows.
SharePoint Fixed When creating a new connection [x] Show-Password did a reset of the password just typed.
Module Type Version 5.23
Excel Enhancement Support for irregular table-column-names.
Excel Enhancement Support for using # in Sheet name. The # character is replaced by a timestamp. This enables for accumulating multiple sheets of data in a single workbook each named uniquely..
Module Type Version 5.22
DataTransport New Using “Files and Folders” as source now include the Created and Modified timestamps for Folders.
FileTransport Enhancement Now you can reference child Managed Metadata tags by using this syntax: [My parent tag label][My child tag label]
General Fixed SharePoint Context caching sometimes not referenced.
Module Type Version 5.21
FileTransport New Extraction af Metadata from Office Files now supports Custom Properties. Also added a new global function GetOfficeFileProperty for use in expressions.
DataTransport Enhancement Better use of multitasking leading to greater speed (20-70%) when Updating / Creating items. (On O365 standard tennant we have measured Create 2000 items pr. minute based on batch of 24000)
Excel New Dynamic Sheet generation when updating existing workbook. Specifying # as suffix to the sheet name ( MySheet#) will lead to an new sheet being generated with # replaced by a timestamp.
PnP Enhancement Support for the new March 2017 version 2.13 of the PnP Provisioning Engine.
DataTransport Fixed GPF when creating 12000 items in SharePoint using a machine being low on resources.
Excel Fixed Creating a template Excel file based on a SharePoint source failed when the sharepoint source had been retrieved.
Module Type Version 5.xx
DataTransport FileTransport New Recycle Bin option for all “DELETE” operations. You can then configure permanent delete or send to Recycle Bin. Implemented for Windows File System and SharePoint (including ordinary List Items.)
Job Server Enhancement Simplified Windows Service configuration.
General New CtrlSync for SharePoint Server Mode for OneDrive replication and backup – single og multiple accounts.
General New CtrlSync for SharePoint
FileTransport New “Folder option: Synchronize. This enables you to perform both One-Way and Two -Way sync where files and folders not matching the source are deleted. Note that Two-way sync requires 2 components with identical but switched Source/Target. The 2 Components can use either the same or different options and filters etc.
DataTransport FileTransport New Support for Dynamic Component Invocation based on a Parameter. You can now insert a Parameter as the Component to invoke. At runtime the return value from the Parameter is resolved to a Component name and that component is then invoked.
Parameters Enhancement New system parameters that return computer-name, current user and profile for SharePoint, FTP.
Parameters Enhancement New “FolderResourcePath” system Parameter. It returns the storage location of resource files like graphics and other custom files added by the Fusion designer.
Parameters Enhancement Support for parameters within the data value. For example: If the data value of a given parameter is [<FolderUser>]\Control Sync it will resolve to c:\users\steen\Control Sync
FileTransport Enhancement New system parameters to override properties at runtime.
BatchServer Enhancement The Server is now embedded in the main program. The Windows Service installation procedure has been simplified and is now managed from the Job Monitor module. This enables CtrlSync for SharePoint to run jobs without having to install and configure the Job server separately.
Batch Jobs Enhancement New job property “Keep identical Job Log Sessions”. Now the job only keeps the latest session unless the job has processed other files, has errors or warnings. This is important when the same job is running often like every minute and most of the time does not do anything new like in CtrlSync for SharePoint scenarios.
Batch Jobs Enhancement New job property “No Internet Connection – Skip Job”.
Components Enhancement New property: Control Sync Enabled defines if the actions for the component should be included in the reporting presented to the end user.
Components Enhancement New property: Parameter Override Enabled defines if component is reacting on the Override Parameters
PowerShell Enhancement Additional error reporting on top of the existing embedded Try-Catch, has been implemented. So that if an error occurs that DO NOT throw an exception and is not handled by the script then the Job Log will show the error message.
MDM Enhancement New button command to enable custom layouts to edit SharePoint, FTP connections.
MDM Enhancement Facelift applied to Dialog-Box editing of custom table data and n:NN relational MDM data.
MDM Enhancement Facelift applied to Resource Files, System Configuration and Screen Capture .
MDM Fixed Error when copying a Child-window layout. This was only on Firebird database servers.
Batch Server Fixed In High Frequency repetition schedules a Deadlock could happen when multiple jobs were starting simultaneously.
Counter Function Fixed The function CounterSetCurrent() was not working and documentation was wrong also.
Installer Fixed The instillation program now stops and starts the services automatically. However you have to delete and recreate the Batch Job service.
SharePoint Fixed Connection: When using parameters in username/password the internal pointer id was shown while retrieving metadata.
SharePoint Fixed Connection: “Test Connection” did not work on new connections. Performance in testing the connection has been greatly improved.
SharePoint DLL Update CSOM 16.1.5813.1200 & PnP.Core 2.9.1611.0 (November 2016)
DataTransport Fixed Unable to update a DateTime column to null. problem introduced by new multiplatform MS CSOM
Module Type Version 4.43
SharePoint New Parameter support in Connections is added (SharePoint, Database, FTP). You can just change the parameter value and then it is reflected in all referenced connections. Parameters can be global for all Fusion users or individual for each user. This is quite nice in environments with many connections that requires regular password change or requires access using different credentials for each Fusion user.
General New The Windows System Tray now has a Fusion Icon from where you can access the program.
DataTransport Enhancement Internal-data as Source is now available also when Master Data Management is disabled.
Job Log Enhancement The job Log is now automatically truncated gradually on the Batch Server without blocking for other concurrent jobs.
MDM Fixed English translation issues fixed and visual face-lifts implemented.
DataTransport Fixed CSV as source for a for-each-row target, in some cases, did not assign parameters in the correct order.
Module Type Version 4.42
BatchServer Enhancement Handling of : “Server machine reboot”. Component jobs that were running when the server machine was rebooted will now be automatically rescheduled or restarted according to the Components job schedule.
PowerShell Enhancement Error handling: New error message added to job log that shows the native PowerShell exception message. Fatal errors where the script can not execute at all is handled with a specific message
Components Enhancement The Job log sessions are now automatically truncated to 100 sessions. You can configure the number of sessions to retain for for each component or globally for all Components.
Components Fixed The Job session truncation did not work with 80 million rows in one delete command.
SharePoint Fixed Connections: Wrong name displayed in error message when connection failed. Help button pointed to a wrong help topic. URL tooltip revised.
FileTransport Fixed Move operation could be selected when SP 2007 was defined as Source. This can no t work since SP 2007 is ReadOnly for Fusion. This option has been removed.
Parameters Fixed When editing a parameter the program aborted if SharePoint Connections module had not previously been selected..
Parameters Fixed SourceRedirect & TargetRedirect could not be assigned from PowerShell or by editing the parameter properties.
DataTransport Fixed Database: When assigning a date column with a DateTime value (like modified from SharePoint) then it gets converted into NULL.
DataTransport Fixed SharePoint NULL values: When using item values in a calculation and one item value is blank/null then the calculation sometimes fails.
DataTransport Fixed Job Log: For-Each-Row loop added the row level parameter tracing row to the “summery view” in the job log. Should be in the detail view only.
Collection Fixed PowerShell: When running parameterized PowerShell script without saving the component first then the PowerShell console output did not open correctly.
Collection Fixed When creating a new Collection Component, scripting language was default “SQL” – Should be PowerShell.
SharePoint DLL Update CSOM 16.1.5626.1200 & PnP.Core 2.7.1609.3 (September 2016)
Module Type Version 4.40
Components New Video toolbar button that opens the “Video Library” .
General Enhancement The “Video Library” is now an independent window. Option to “Stay as topmost window”. Individual or all videos that auto-play can be disabled.
ControlPanel Enhancement Linked-In support and discussion forum now accessible from top-banner.
ControlPanel Fixed Sometimes the control Panel came in front when opening a Component.
SharePoint Query Fixed Row count did not display correctly
Module Type Version 4.39
FileTransport New FTP support. You can now copy/move files between FTP sites, SharePoint Document Libraries and FileShares.
General New Ontolica Fusion Free Edition. This is the standard installation. If you have a Licence no changes are made. If not then an extra set of features now have no limitations.
ControlPanel Enhancement New Toolbar buttons for Repository Backup/Restore/Select. Updated layout for Components with new description column saved with each Component. Tooltip enhanced.
MasterData Enhancement Activation can now be done by double clicking the pre-installed folder Master Data Management Components.
Collection Enhancement Easier Enable/Disable of Scripting (PowerShell/ Database SQL). Options are moved to Script-Tab’s. Default enabled. New hyperlink and documentation added.
DataTransport Enhancement CSV/TXT Driver and description updated. Sample syntax for SQL SELECT on .TXT and .CSV files added.
DataTransport Enhancement Source specification: When Excel or Text file is selected as Source a file selection prompt is displayed.
DataTransport Enhancement Target specification: When Text file or XML is selected a default filename is added. Automatic name sequence numbering is enabled: MyFile_1.txt MyFile_2.txt ….
FileTransport, DataTransport Enhancement “Create new Connection” in the Connection Drop Down Menu. Gives easier access to creating a new Connection. Also if an Incomplete Connection is selected the the Properties are automatically opened.
FileTransport, DataTransport Enhancement “Auto edit incomplete Connection”. When selecting an incomplete Connection, the Edit-Connection-Properties will automatically open.
Database, FTP, SharePoint Enhancement New “Metadata Refreshed” DateTime column shows when the connection was refreshed. This new property is now widely used to indicate connections not yet complete.
FileTransport Fixed Export to Excel did not include the selection marking column. This is much needed when doing analyse in Excel on the selected files vs. non-selected.
FileTransport Fixed Default delimiter for TXT/CSV DataTransport Target reverted to Comma first time Component was saved. Not a problem but confusing!
FileTransport Fixed Wrong Connection is used when there is a different connection defined that points to the Library used.
DataTransport Fixed Create New SharePoint List based on Source columns included various system columns in the suggested List Column Layout.
DataTransport Fixed Auto Select Columns when a list is Selected. Some confusion happens when a List is selected and no Columns are available in the Target.
SharePoint Fixed Existing metadata is deleted when refreshing SharePoint Connection and hitting cancel or if an error occurs.
SharePoint DLL Update CSOM 16.1.5521.1200 & PnP.Core 2.6.1608.0 (August 2016)
DataTransport Deprecated Windows built in Excel ODBC driver can no longer be selected because it works very badly. Instead you can use the high performance Fusion DataTransport Source/Target.
Module Type Version 4.33
Collection New Support for execution Conditions. This effectively gives you “Cross Platform Workflow” capabilities.
Master Data Enhancement Facelift applied to standard layouts and various dialog boxes.
DataTransport Enhancement Advanced active DateTime filtering in query result. Quarters, Weeks, days, relative intervals etc.
DataTransport Enhancement New Hyperlink to edit Database Connection Properties.
FileTransport Fixed Modified Date on folders were not updated in Windows FileShare Target
DataTransport Fixed Sorting did not work correctly on DateTime & Numeric columns
SharePoint Fixed R-click menu reorganized because of confusion ‘Copy’ terminology for SharePoint Connections.
Module Type Version 4.32
FileTransport Enhanced Demo Folders now have unique timestamps. This is used to show that timestamps on Folders are coped to any Target. (FS to SP, SP to SP, SP to FS, FS to FS)
Master Data Enhancement Facelift to Insert Column dialog boxes and Collection component properties
DataTransport Fixed For-Each-Row: Columns with hyphenated names like e-mail were not assigned any value to the cosponsoring parameter for-each-source-row.
General Fixed Installer: Unable to run the Batch Server as a service if the program was installed in a folder in the root of a drive. (like d:\fusion )
Batch Server Fixed Remote cancellation of running Job did not work after terminate/restart of Batch Server control executable (bmservice.exe)
Module Type Version 4.30
Functions New GetDirectory ( window title , start path ). Select a directory. Returns directory path or ‘’ if cancelled.
DataTransport Enhancement Query: Blank folder name is now interpreted as Root-folder.
FileTransport Enhancement Folder dates now display in the “Action Preview”. Also added to all relevant reports.
FileTransport Enhancement SP to SP Content Type: Automatic column mapping now maps the column Content Type to Content Type Id. Both Label and GUID values are matched combined or independently.
FileTransport Enhancement Content Type Label is now automatically set when Content Type Library is selected.
FileTransport Enhancement Content Type automatic fallback: When a Content Type (dynamically specified using rules and expressions) does not exist then fallback is made to the Content Type defined in the component or if none defined then ten one in the library.
SharePoint Enhancement Managed Metadata: Tag Label is now matched independent of case and leading/trailing space to Term GUID.
SharePoint Enhancement Managed Metadata: Job log for Tags is now more readable.
SharePoint Enhancement Handling of very slow SharePoint servers where the famous “error 500” is thrown.
Job Log Enhancement New r-click menu on “Copied” Job Log rows enables you to quickly open the source/target destinations for a particular file.
SharePoint Updated O365, 2013, 2016 Office Dev. PnP Core Libraries updated to 2.5.1606.3
SharePoint Updated 2013 – New GitHub package design for CSOM 16.1.5xxx
DataTransport Fixed Updating Managed Metadata tags failed and job stopped. Happened sometimes after updating Component properties.
DataTransport Fixed Query: “This folder only” query property was ignored in the UI the second time it was modified.
DataTransport Fixed For-Each-Row: Calling a File Transport component with dynamic source and target URL crashed when running in Batch.
FileTransport Fixed Sometimes failed to create large Folder structures when using High Performance Multitasking option.
FileTransport Fixed Job log did not have all entries for matched Content Types.
FileTransport Fixed Open Site no longer includes the folder. That was irritating since the folder is seldom there at the time you want to open the site.
Job Log Fixed The anchor mechanism to define block to calculate elapsed time did sometimes not work for components called from other components.
Module Type Version 4.28
Master Data New Data Import: Key management now has automatic relation detection for “Department”.
FileTransport Enhanced Folders: Modified & ModifiedBy is now populated with information from FileShare. Works in all directions like from SP to SP and from SP to FileShare.
SharePoint Enhanced Office 365 new throttling error types. Fusion now recovers automatically and applies different upload approach when necessary.
DataTransport Fixed For Each Looping: When invoking FileTransport in a For-Each-Row loop (SharePoint-to-SharePoint) and the Source SharePoint URL points to an non-existing Library a crash may occur.
FileTransport Fixed UI did not display versioning properties correctly when using FileShare To SharePoint.
Module Type Version 4.26
DataTransport Fixed SharePoint “Custom List” having Content Types enabled had the virtual column “Attachment URL” listed twice.
DataTransport Fixed Using a Managed Metadata Column as primary key when updating values between different lists do not update anything.
FileTransport New “Rename File” support. By using “Move” you can now move the file to a new name within the same or different folder. The value of Modified & ModifiedBy can optionally be retained. There is full support for all dynamic calculations etc. Note that you can rename using wildcards in the filename. So *.PDF will rename all files to have .PDF as extensions.
FileTransport Enhancement Wild card specification now supports files with no extensions. Example: ..\myfolder\*. This wildcard will retrieve any file without an extension
FileTransport Enhancement Folder copy support for the properties: Modified, ModifiedBy, Created, CreatedBy. This also works when replicating structures between different SharePoint Document Libraries, when creating folders in FileShares based on folders in SharePoint Document Library and vice versa.
Module Type Version 4.25
FileTransport Enhanced Flatten – Folder – Hierarchy: Delete empty folders is now 10 times faster. (2-5 folders per second)
FileTransport Enhanced Copy/Move within the same Library no longer needs columns mapped. This is now done automatically.
DataTransport Fixed AZURE SQL databases: DateTime columns having a NULL value were not handled correctly.
DataTransport Fixed CAML criteria using a dynamically calculated parameter always returnd 0 Items.
DataManagement Fixed Assigning a parameter did not work after a SharePoint List Query was cancelled.
Module Type Version 4.24
FileTransport New System Property [< Redirect Source File >] Enables you to dynamically point to a different file during upload while preserving the original files name and properties. Also you can alter the file’s content during the upload using the new function. ReplaceTextInFile()
System New ReplaceTextInFile() Replaces all occurrences of a string with a file.
FileTransport Enhanced Collection Component called “For-Each-File” optimized for speed. Associated job logging reduced and revised.
FileTransport Fixed Shortcut button to open Collection was always disabled.
Module Type Version 4.23
FileTransport Enhancement No need to map metadata columns when copy/move within same site. (Message Box showing up to tell you)
DataTransport Enhancement Data Type detection much more detailed
SharePoint Enhancement New Connection Property: Local Filter for Blocked File Types (File types that SharePoint blocks by default, will be automatically skipped. No upload attempts will be made.)
DataTransport Enhancement SQL Database Target will now detect dynamic “CREATE TABLE” statements and automatically load table name and metadata for use in the UI.
SharePoint Fixed Multiple upload-tasks can now simultaneously create Enterprise Keywords.
DataTransport Fixed Dynamic SQL Script Target did not handle NULL values correctly.
FileTransport Fixed System parameters for current file had invalid characters in the URL
SharePoint Fixed CAML DateTime Criteria for the operators => <= did not display correctly
SharePoint Fixed Create-New-List based on Source selection should not by default include the ID column.
SharePoint Fixed Crash when clicking multiple times on OK button in Create-New-List based on Source selection.
Module Type Version 4.21
FileTransport New Create new target Document Library based on Source
SharePoint 07 New Support for Single Sing-On
FileTransport Enhanced When no files are in the Source selection – the Job Log Summery now reflects that.
FileTransport Enhanced Automatic column mapping is now also using display name. Then columns with different internal name but same display name will be mapped.
FileTransport Enhanced Move/Copy file within same Site now includes version history.
SharePoint Enhanced PnP Web links and tool tips added to the Site Provisioning Tab
FileTransport Fixed File spec did not auto scroll horizontally.
DataTransport Fixed Delete folder with & in the name like “H&M” failed.
FileTransport Fixed Move file did not always work within same Document Library
FileTransport Fixed Content Type were not used as Source selection criteria
Job Log Fixed Reporting did not work correctly when the session count in For-each loops exceeded 99
Module Type Version 4.20
Collection New Multitasking. When you run a Collection component it is now running in parallel on it own Thread. You can also use real-time job audit
DataTransport New Content Type reporting. Retrieve the Content Type Name or GUID for Items. Also, Name Or GUID can be used as criteria in Item Queries.
SharePoint Updated The PnP Provisioning Engine ( OfficeDevPnP.Core) has been updated to version 2.4.1605.0 (May 9, 2016 Release)
SharePoint Enhanced New column ‘Path’ (FileDirRef) gives you the folder reference for a given Item. Useful for reporting etc.
SharePoint Enhanced Connection Drop Down Lists now has 3 columns and is much wider.
Data & FileTransport Enhanced When running in trial mode the Next button in Preview 1 is now enabled and the max items will automatically be adjusted.
FileTransport Enhanced 10x Performance when moving/copying files within the same SharePoint site or library.
FileTransport Fixed Parameter tracing crashed when activating the tooltip in preview 1.
SharePoint Fixed In the CAML query designer – you were able to select illegal operators like “Begins With” on numeric and date columns. SharePoint cannot handle that and would always return 0 Items.
SharePoint Fixed Run-Query-Button was resized to small on low resolution displays.
SharePoint Fixed Single-Sign-On did not work for new SharePoint connections when password was blank.
Excel Fixed Cashed old preview data was incorrectly show on new DataTransport Components having no filespecification.
Job Log Fixed System locked if notepad were opened from job log while other job was running
Job Log Fixed User validation of use names with & as part of the name, added exception text to job log report.
Control Panel Fixed R-click in recent components did not scroll to clicked row.)
SharePoint Fixed [Folder xx] did not resolve correctly when assigned to parameters individually for each file.
Parameters Fixed System Internal Parameters associated with calculations showed sometimes up in Parameter Drop Down lists.
FileTransport Fixed [PathFileName], [PathName] could not be selected in Drop Down List for metadata assignment
Module Type Version 4.12
Job Log Enhanced Better grouping of log entries when viewing Job Log for DataTransport with For-Each loop.
SharePoint New Content Type Management. Set the Content Type for each new or existing Document and List Item.
SharePoint New Support for SharePoint On-Premises 2016.
Excel New Use Internal named Tables as source in DataTransport. Optionally refresh the Table linked to external data.
SharePoint New Site Provisioning Create/Update/Delete Sites in BULK.
SharePoint New Support for the Office Dev. PnP provisioning Engine.
FileTransport New Dynamic Site support: Upload to SharePoint and automatically create Site, based on standard or WSP template.
PowerShell New Run parametrized PowerShell from the Collection Component.
DataTransport New For Each Row – Execute Component. You can reference Column values from any Component, row-by-row.
Job Log New Report tab” to concatenate and analyse the embedded report files and export to CSV or Excel.
DataTransport Enhanced Excel target now supports named cells, and has been greatly simplified and face lifted.
Batch Server Enhanced Windows Service configuration can now set the account name.
Parameters Enhancement Expressions now support “ (quotation mark).
Excel Enhancement Support for Excel 2016
SharePoint Enhancement Support for _vti_history.
DataTransport Fixed Column names or table names with space and other non a-z characters did not work.
License Fixed Offline activation sometimes failed.
FileTransport Fixed Slow loading.
Parameters Enhanced Right-click menu: new menu item “Open Folder”, Now display data value and calculated value.
FileTransport Fixed To many restarts on Admin process.
DataTransport Fixed Decimal separator
Module Type Version 2 – 3.x
Data Transport Enhancement Excel 2016 support.
Data Transport Enhancement CSV/TXT Driver: Support for UNICODE and UTF8 files.
Data Transport Fixed CSV/TXT Driver: CSV files were not always picked up.
Data Transport Fixed Local SQL Server with Windows Authentication: Communication Link Error 08S01
SharePoint Enhancement Support for “Version number” columns.
Documentation New Topic covering Fusion concept and use-cases
FileTransport Enhancement Drag&Drop” support. By dropping files on the File Transport component a “File Selection” filer is automatically created.
FileTransport Enhancement File Selection Filter swapped position with Parameter assignments.
DataTransport New CSV/TXT driver that enables retrieve filtering and conditional data append.
Data Transport New No-Coding” user interface for Database Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD). (This is an addition to the existing advanced SQL scripting.)
Data Transport New Support for 3 party drivers for Line of Business Systems (LOB) . This enables 2-way integration with MS Dynamics CRM/AX/NAV, SAP NetWeaver, OData services, etc.
Data Transport New Preview of pending actions for database targets. (also raw SQL)
File Transport Enhancement Fusion can now read protected files. Files in a file share can have a hidden security attributes associated, that prevents programs from reading the file.
File Transport Changed Retry timing adjusted and unrecoverable errors are not retried.
File Transport Issue fixed SharePoint 2010 Content Types. Deleting a column in a parent content type would invalidate any connection to sub sites.
File Transport Issue fixed “Action” “Delete other files and folders” did not work
Data Transport Issue fixed CAML Criteria for target SharePoint List was invalid. (like SQL Where)
Data Transport Issue fixed Invalid data (null) returned form SharePoint User/Group columns caused data retrieve to fail.
SQL Issue fixed SQL statement with the Fusion optimized IN /nnn syntax, failed when running in in multitasking mode.
SharePoint Enhancement Support for BusinessData data types.
SharePoint Enhancement Managed MetaData hierarchy tag. “:“ … “Cars:Ford”
Collection Enhancement Collection component can now continue when an error happens, based on individual sub component settings.
System Enhancement Database Connections: Procedure to download and install 3-party drivers simplified.
SharePoint Enhanced Data & File Transport can now handle 1.000.000 items per session.
SharePoint Enhanced Connection no longer need time zone information. it is handled automatically.
SharePoint Issue fixed Timestamps was in some rare cases incorrectly updated.
Data Transport Issue fixed When SharePoint in a session doubles performance after a while, then DataTransport would not transfer all items and report incorrectly.
SharePoint Issue fixed New SharePoint connections created with Single SignOn the first time around, did not connect.
File Transport Issue fixed Test-Run: When changing the run-mode to “Test -Run” in first preview of the files it did not reset in the next session.
File Transport Issue fixed SharePoint: Moss 2007: Columns with very long names sometimes prevented the interface form retrieving data.
Data Transport Issue fixed SharePoint: NewLine characters were not transferred to columns of type “Multiple lines of text” on a Custom List.
Data Transport Enhanced SQL: A new Job Log message shows showing the maximum length of the data for each column in the source data set. This makes it easier to determine the columns size needed in the target database table.
General Enhanced Memory allocation extended to support very large result sets.
File Transport Issue fixed Test-Run: Did not remove the temp folder when doing initial performance analyses.
File Transport Issue fixed Test-Run: Wrong calculated speed when having very few files in the first component session.
File Transport Issue fixed memory leak that could lead to crash when retrieving large result sets.
Job Log Issue fixed Out of memory crash when compressing reports to job log > 95 MB
SP2007 Issue fixed Job never completes when retrieving > 300.000 items from a single library. (sometimes crash)
DataTransport Issue fixed Data-Preview-2 and reports has escaped data when updating rich text with HTML formatting on SharePoint List.
DataTransport Issue fixed SkippedItems.txt report sometimes has incorrect data.
DataTransport Enhanced DropDown column list now includes the physical column name. makes it easier to understand when working on sites with different languages..
FileTransport Enhanced DropDown column lists now includes the physical column name. makes it easier to understand when working on sites with different languages..
CRM Data Enhanced “Purge deleted records” have been improved in speed to handle millions of records. Previously this function could take days to complete on large databases > 1TB .
DataTransport New SQL Data type specification”. This enables easy data type conversion from source to target. For example when you want to insert a text value into a numeric column.
PowerShell New Support for parameters in file selection and CAML filters.
PowerShell Enhanced More detailed error reporting from 2007 exception to the console.
General New Support for SharePoint Enterprise Keywords. Read more..
General Enhanced Support for SharePoint Site Column Lookups.
General Enhanced Support for specifying multiple Values to a Lookup column. Multiple values are separated by ;# or ;
General Enhanced Support for specifying multiple users to a User column. Multiple users separated by ;# or ;
DataTransport Enhanced New check-box for select/deselect all columns
Documentation New SharePoint column types and data validation
Documentation Enhanced SharePoint Lookup Columns


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